Friday, August 24, 2012

omg :O

WOAH I AM BACK... not sure for how long though but enjoy these pictures from the past two months haha

Learning how to listen for normal and abnormal heart sounds in the rain... omggg it was so cold and the wind didn't help either since horses are so big that their heart sounds are really faint compared to a dog's. I really want my own stethoscope now so i can practise on myself and my dogs haha but the litman classic is so expensive lol. The veterinary stethoscopes are the same for humans but longer... *hint hint early birthday present lol* 

Finally went to Seven Seeds next to law building.. not bad! I had the French Toast with Poached Pears and Marscapone and it was pretty good - if not a bit sweet. I want to try that thai cafe next door though lol.. we shall go there after our next midsem test :D 

skirt $19.95, top $19.95 

LOL i look so stoned but today Joanne told me about the Dotti sale (30% off sale items) at Southern Cross DFO so i went there and got this outfit and this cute scalloped jumper that kind of reminds me of a toadstool mushroom rofl... 

Espresso taking an afternoon nap :3 so cuteeee

Finally went to Wonderbao (behind RMIT) and we ordered chicken da bao, lai wong bao and char siu bao with home made soy milk. Not bad and very affordable ($1.7 to $3.8/bun)!!! The bun itself is very fluffy and i approve of the filling but there needs to be more of it.. I think my biggest surprise was how big they were which is a big plus to me because stinginess sucks. 

Injecting alpha/beta antagonists into our organ bath containing a piece of rat atria. I really like how high tech these organ baths are lol 

I think this dessert was a product of my determination to be more adventurous in everything i do (especially past 12am). Yes, on top of that delicious pile of banana fritters is a scoop of durian icecream. To be honest, I don't think the durian flavour was as intense as it could have been but it was okay i guess.... Still can't get over the smell of durian though. 

At the top of the spider web rope castle with tommy :) I've been trying to exercise more by walking the dogs in the park more often and swimming at least once-twice a week. I also want to buy my own pool buoy so i can hone my freestyle, breastroke etc arm skills.

Some of my recent online purchases... Left to right: Lucy in the Sky ($19), ASOS ($30), ASOS ($15)

MCCC ball afterparty at Alumbra.. that was a good night with good music :DD I'm wondering if i should go to Aa ball since this is our last undergrad year with everyone together but i hope it's not when i have placements @.@ 

Haha and what is winter without HOT POT. 

Anyway... that's enough for now. I also learned how to do a fishtail braid and i am going on vet camp next weekend which will hopefully be lots of fun and i had a midsem on wednesday which totally shut down my brain for the rest of the week lol.... hehe BYE 

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