Thursday, December 22, 2011

recap recap

Snagstand: Vegetarian sausage, Spicy Cheese Kransky & Chips. 

I'm leaving for Hong Kong, Singapore & Canada this Sunday and i am super duper excited :DD But before i go i'll leave you with a recap of the past two weeks.... 

The picture above shows the Vegetarian Sausage (potato, smoked apple & sage) with Rosemary Mushrooms and Onions and Truffle Aioli, the Spicy Cheese Kransky and Rock Salt Chips from Snagstand. All very good for under $10 each except that the mock meat in the veg sausage didn't sit well with Farn and I. The texture is so hard to describe... like compact spongy bread... not sure. The taste is even weirder... i think the sage was too overpowering. 

- I invested in a good pair of jeans. 

- I permed my hair. The picture on the left shows my old hair but i actually permed my fringe (to the side) and the long ends of my hair... so now i have wavy hair and can control how curly i want it everyday... i find that it looks best after i shower.

So this is what i look like now... but everyday is a new Bedhair Day LOL so... it will probably change depending on how ceebs i am to take care of it. They had to trim away all my split ends first though so... i think it will look better when my hair is long again :) 

One of my favourite snacks - Edamame Soybeans!!!!!!! (this one had too much salt though but still best snack everrrr)

Today one of mum's patients told me that if she had a son she would let me marry him. LOLLLL 

Cendol :D
I have 100 ferrero rochers at home (sales and xmas gifts)... WHO WANTS SOME????? LOL 

Lemon Tart with Creme Fraiche at France Soir, Richmond. 

I went out with Farn to eat Thai last night at Lemon Leaf in Knox Ozone. The Green Chicken Curry ($20) was creamy with enough spice and i liked the pieces of duck in the Duck Salad ($28) but still prefer Chin Chin's salad over this one. My favourite part of the dinner was the Coconut Rice ($3.50/head) though! You could literally see the coconut cream oozing out of it - that was how yummy it was :D This place is not cheap but we left feeling content and ready for a movie night and kebabs :) (I was not ready for the Ayran though.... LOL)

Anyway, that's all for this year... and i think it's my blog's 6th anniversary too? so merry xmas and i'll see you all next year :) 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

St Kilda Beach Twilight Market

walking into the sun... never to be seen again...

I feel at lost when i look at this picture. Not bad, Iphone4 camera, not bad. 

My favourite picture of the night. LOL 

mophair at its best. (note the morphing mohawk in the background)

...and this picture is hilarious xD

success of the night #1: nearly everyone came!
#2: farn and jacky just made it before the sun completely set 
failure of the night: no green flash :( 

10pm onwards: packing up the night market while the remaining four of us snacked on chicken wings and fatty pork ribs... or was it beef cuts

lots and lots of seagulls... can you find Jacky? 

A testimony to the shittiness of the self portrait Iphone4 camera (but Jacky still looks good!). I guarantee that my next post will have better pictures because i used a real camera instead :D 

The wind stole our hair. We are actually bald men. 

Okay, i hope those pictures showed how much fun we had that night and thankyou to everyone who came... sorry i didn't get a picture of all of you but my iphone camera is shit anyway. I need to get my camera charger back from hong kong....... 

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

sneak peek into my tummy

left: Chicken Quesadilla with range of dips, right: Bruschetta, unseen: Strawberry Sunrise Fling Mocktail

Hello! I am about two weeks behind on blogging about my awesome life (...) but i've done a lot besides working and helping mum out. 

Today Farn and i ate dinner at TGI Fridays and i was pleasantly surprised by how big my $9.95 meal (Bruschetta) was. I also like Quesadillas now! Cheesy :DDDD Then we had Mocha Chip Icecream at Gelare yayayaya

Seafood Platter at Santorini, Hawthorn

I think my favourite moment last week was catching up with people i hadn't seen in AGESSSS at Gloria's house :) But i had to leave early for a family dinner at a Greek restaurant called Santorini on Glenferrie Road! :( Normally my dad would never eat Greek food but he bought this voucher online and off we went... All i can say is that this platter would have been better suited for two stomachs - not four - and i dislike red wine even more now. Good mussels and prawns but soggy calamari rings. 

Oh yeah.. and Laura and i also got locked in the restaurant's toilet HAHA because the metal lock wouldn't turn and we couldn't even climb out the window due to the fly screen so a waiter had to kick the door open... rofl.. What made it even worse was that Laura had joked about getting stuck inside the cubicle and i carelessly replied with "don't worry we'll just climb out the window lol". omg she jinxed us @.@ LOL

 Coconut Cake (and an unseen Baklava) 

It was also Farn's birthday the other day and i went out to have peking duck pancake (and heapssss more food) with him and his family :) His mum also baked an awesome chocolate sponge cake and i wish i had taken a picture of it to show you guys how pretty it was! I even ate the slice i took home for breakfast the next day hehehe... 


I think that's all for now... i still have my op shopping haul, food adventures and other outings to blog about but in case you were wondering... this is what PLC's patchwork looked like this year! 

bye :)

Sunday, December 04, 2011


- get to know your friends better
- hang out with more people
- save money
- make those DIY denim shorts
- only buy things that will make you feel good about yourself
- keep dreaming about flying
-  don't nap
- drink more water and less milk
- stop losing hair clips 
- open up your life 
- treat your stomach to an excellent holiday
- find the perfect pink lipstick
- try to understand why some people are so angry

 believe in yourself

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