Thursday, October 27, 2011

another foodie adventure: Chin Chin

cocktail bar & entrance

Hello ! Today was the day i finally submitted the 30% prac report which killed half my brain cells. And i also studied two lectures on the male and female reproductive systems which produced many awkward moments for everyone passing behind me in State library ... i mean it's not every day you randomly see someone watching a vasectomy online (they can be done in 3min btw) ... or every angle of the reproductive system possible. 

chef bar
But today was also the day that Farn and i went to Chin Chin (125 Flinders Lane) for lunch! link here 

Dynamic and fun, this Thai restaurant instantly caught our eye with its funky interior design and fresh food. It's around $13-25 for main and ~$10 for dessert. Go Go bar is downstairs too but we'll leave that for another time... 

Not your usual/most affordable lunch on a student budget (we ordered 2 mains & 1 dessert...), but it was certainly worth the experience. Or maybe it's just because we both eat a lot... since the two ladies next to us shared one main... But i say we should always splurge on the first experience - especially if you want to eat everything on the menu!! 

There is a main dining area as well but we were lucky enough to get seats at the 'chef bar' before the place filled up completely. 

We ended up ordering the "Steamed Spanner Crab & Chicken Salad with Ruby Grapefruit, Salmon Roe, Coconut & Fragrant Herbs" and a "King Prawn Pad Thai". 

I don't usually eat Thai food but we will definitely be coming back for more after this! 

And lastly... we indulged in "Palm Sugar Ice Cream Sundae with Salted Honeycomb & a Lime Jelly" for dessert :DDDD 

It says palm sugar icecream sundae but it tastes like there was burnt caramel icecream too! (since the person preparing ours had a tub of that too) I've tried many icecreams but never this silky and creamy before! 

Anyway i feel like the biggest food critic at the moment but out of all my foodie adventure posts... i think this is my favourite one so far! Probably because it has a bit more pezazzzzz than the other places i've been too.... a casual yet buzzing vibe... yay! 

Okay time to write my 2000 word essay :( :( :( :( :( 

Monday, October 24, 2011

wish list

doesn't this dress look just like emma watson's in hp???? except hers was so  much nicer.... 

Uni is so stressful now... I still have a 30% worth prac report (ib biology pracs are nothing compared to this @.@) to submit and a 2000 word essay to write by the end of this week. Everything is going by my schedule at the moment (i give myself 3 days to procrastinate before i start each assignment) but i've been having really imaginative dreams and bad sleep lately. And this girl aspirated on pool water and puked out pink icing at me the other day at work. I discreetly swept that crap to the next lane with my board............ 

I really like this colour and design.... let's hope it fits well enough for me to buy (on sale)? 

I hate bus rides.... i think i get bus sick but without the vomit. Just hate that heavy drowsy feeling... 

I actually bought this dress for summer on friday. Looks rather formal but it's not. Good for a nice date or something... not a picnic though lol 

Okay, back to finding more research papers on thermoregulation :( :( :( Oh, and we're learning about rabies tomorrowwww blah 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

free skirt

Sorry for the really bad quality photo but i would like to give this skirt away for FREE to anyone i know and will see soon :D (And no i am not going to post/ship this around the world...) 

It's a Just Jeans chambray skirt with elastic lining around the back. The reason behind this random giveaway is that it's too big for me (size 12) and fiona said that it's too hard to alter nicely. So i hope that someone (katherine??? wensi???) will make me proud and wear this skirt for me instead :D It's brand new too and has been sitting in my wardrobe for around 3 years so far..... Oh, and the pockets are still unopened. 

So please tell me if you're interested :D


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Farn showed me this! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

hope you've been good

Thank god for tension lines on the forehead being parallel to the marks left by swimming caps. Otherwise i'd have a semi permanent scar for life (like the vertical one on my face from i don't know...) I got a realllllllly defined swimming cap line today after work and it looked like i was trying so hard to be boho (those rope accessories people wear around their head) that i just engraved a line into my forehead... kind of reminds me of when clare tried to create her own dimple HAHA xD

But on the other hand, i got awesome wavy hair too! Usually it just looks straggly after i tie my hair into a bun and put the cap on.... so hmm

We learned about mastitis (intramammary infections caused by organisms that survive in the cow's surroundings) in cows and the milking industry this week... and vaccinations! 

I think mum's cooking chicken wings. And i bought crunchy nut for myself.... loving the sweet milk. 

byeeeeeeeeeeee and i love Jurlique. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

patched up holes

Hey guys, i'm about two weeks behind in blogging about my life but here are some pictures from gate-crashing Aa and food adventures... (and the inverted camera on iphone 4, however useful, is crap quality) 


annieeeeeee <3

aw jacky's smile is so bigggg

yay now elaine is here tooooooo :D 

YAY farn :) :) :)

Wow this must be the first time that i've posted pictures of myself in months!!!!! Probably won't happen again for a while.... and lastly... we have struong who refuses to boost her already low vitamin d levels.... LOL 

muddah ass LOL 

Anyway.... i've already mentioned Hardware Societe (off Little Lonsdale Street past equinox) but we went there for breakfast/weekend brunch this time! Sigh, just imagine all the good food you could eat if you lived in the city...

english tea & mini jam doughnut / i forgot what they were but they tasted so goddamn good had egg and smoked salmon in them/  hot chocolate with balls of chocolate melting inside the cup and jug 

Oh, and we also visited 1000 £Bend (on Little Lonsdale St opposite Giraffe Cafe) because i am attracted to random warehouses that have interesting cafes in them.... 

i really like the how the food pole is a mini record!!!! 

inside the cafe... it also opens up into an art gallery with beanbag seating and there is a cinema upstairs !! 

Front: Meatballs in Tomato and Mozzarella Sauce
Back: Smoked Salmon on Mashed Potatoes or something? I forgot :( :( 

But yeah i should go study now.... anatomy test was hard and now i have to concentrate on finishing all these prac reports.... 

Monday, October 10, 2011


There are many things that i hate. But what i hate at the moment are inconsiderate, rude and selfish people. 

Oh, and arguing. If you've ever argued with me then you'll know how unreasonably stubborn i can be to make sure everything i say is right regardless of the crap that comes out of my mouth. But like i'd admit that then. 

In other words, i hate arguing. But what i hate more is seeing people dissolve and disappear in someone else's anger. I think i'm going to take my mother's advice and NOT marry someone who is bad tempered. Because i would rather die alone than have to argue my way through everyday life. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


This song has me literally jumping out of the car. Don't be surprised if my car starts vrooming along to the beat too. 

got this for $30 :) :) 

I am so behind on blogging but i basically spent the last few days of midsem break cramming in research phys drafts and doing no anatomy oh my god... oh and heaps of shopping too ... i exchanged a Dotti skirt for a blazer, bought a Tokito dress ($50 off yay for myer carddd) for two formal events coming up, bought forever new shoes and got my eyebrows done. Oh, and i gate crashed Aa after party (not the ball) and the apartment too. Good times!

and mum got this for me :)

As for my dress and shoes........ i guess we'll just have to wait for pictures of the actual events :)

Oh, and I just learned how to formulate a diet for any animal via four different methods but i need a lot of background information first. So when i have time i will research and try to formulate diets for espresso and cino :) But if you want to try formulate a diet for your horse click here for the computer method... 

Going to watch Lion king 3D tomorrow. SOOOOOOOO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDD 

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Watch this if you haven't already! hehehe :D

Midsem break's almost over.... had a pretty awesome 2 weeks and am now cramming hw... going to crash Aa tomorrow night. byeeeee 

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