Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So yesterday's picnic was a success, especially the last few hours :D hurray for cards and cameras.Thankyou to everyone who came (even if it was for an hour) and bringing food! Since half of us don't have our Ps but the other half are on/nearly on greens... I support glor's idea of going on a road trip next!!!! :D

Well it doesn't have to be a road trip. Can just be strawberry/raspberry etc picking :) Or beach. But main point is.. we should all meet up again soon :)  

Anyway, my hands are unusually tanned compared to the rest of my arm and pictures of yesterday should be up on fb soon... i have a few from the last half but fiona should have everything rofl. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

pieeeeeee in the sky :D

Yerp, you guessed it. Another food adventure post :DDDD

Pie in the Sky: "Mushroom Pie Floater in Pea Soup and Mash", "Korma Chicken Pie" and  "Devonshire Tea"

So the other week Farn and I went Mount Dandenong and ate at Pie in the Sky and Miss Marples. And don't worry we did the 1000 steps too LOL i am so unfit. 

I'm not really sure why i put so much effort into documenting these "adventures" online but i think it's a good way to keep track of what i found important in life at the time... hehe

Miss Marples: how cute is the cafe??
And i swear i do more than just eat but i did read about a woman who lost her stomach and part of her oesophagus to stomach cancer in Sunday Life magazine..... :( how sadddddd i don't want to ever lose my stomach...

Anyway, we decided that Pie in the Sky made more traditional scones but the jam and cream complemented each other better in Miss Marples.

Butterscotch Fudge

What do people wear to a wedding? Since the wedding is in Sydney, what is there to do anyway?

But yeah there were lots of random shops there too... like beauty... lolly yayyy and when you drive up to Mount Dandenong your ears keep on popping from the high altitude eeeeeh

I also found a glowing turtle lamp :DDDDD hehehehe 

This picture makes me happy :)

But yeah.. so far i've gone to the beach, eaten at Chinabar Signature Buffet on Burwood Highway, baked a cake, walked the dogs a million times, done 5% of my hw list, finished reading The Help - Kathryn Stockett, watched Johnny English Reborn ehehehe, ate at 1000 Pound Bend, watched School Rumble again, bought some clothes, gone clubbing and had work. 

And there is still so much to do......... :D 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I don't know why you keep telling me about other people's success stories. Especially if they are in the past for me.

Because we both know it's not going to work.

And i'm not telling you my (currently non existent) plans either. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

good foooooood

Cute nightlights from IKEA Springvale... 

I wouldn't mind having one except that i need to sleep in total darkness... 

This week has been full of good food and too many assignments and tests. So far... i've done my prac report, online quiz and 50% blog assignment which i whipped up in 1.5 days and i hope you learn at least something about Deafness from it (no plagarism accusations please... my rationale and reference list were handed in in person). 

The last thing to do is study for my genetics breeding test for animal health... 

Anyway, IKEA's food really is cheap! 

We bought spinach & cheese pancakes, swedish meatballs with mash, open salmon sandwich, carrot cake and some... daim cake i forgot the lolly name but it's like biting into a crunchy chocolate but toffee oozes out instead :D

Then on Tuesday i went out to Teppanyaki Inn on Collins Street for lunch and i highly recommend the calamari!!! Classy place and the $40 (choice of lunch set with steamed rice and miso soup) was well spent in good company as well . 

Dinner would be about... double the price? eek

And today Jacky and i ate lunch at The Hardware Societe on Hardware Street off Little Lonsdale. Thanks Jacky :D 

I really love finding and eating in these quirky cafes that sell good food for reasonable prices ($14-25). We decided to order three mains to share (two would be sufficient for two people but we're beast :DDDD) and had the Duck Confit, Grilled Salmon and the Saffron Scallops with Potatoes special.   

And now i am one step closer to eating my way down Hardware Street :DDDD (it's going to take ages... i don't even think i could afford to eat everywhere in Melbourne before i die either) 

Anyway, going on another food adventure tomorrow with Farn :DD and then there's a buffet next week too yayyyyyyyy fat.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Work work work... bought dechlorinating shampoo from HairhouseWarehouse. 

To do by Friday: 50% assignment, online quiz, prac report draft, test. 

Off to make a blog for one of my uni subjects........ oh my god it's due in two days and i had... say... seven weeks to do it????? :( Still need to research.... I won't be disclosing the link here though.... haha

Looking forward to many food adventures this week. 

Father's Day buffet dinner at Momoco Sushi, Hawthorn

Went to IKEA springvale with Farn.

And i op shopped this really nice Tokito blouse for $8 in Vinnies Johnston Street yesterday. Stupid iphone isn't uploading pictures to my computer. 

Monday, September 05, 2011

too pretty

Hmm, so i never shop at Forever New but their stuff is just too pretty to resist! I really really really like the first two dresses but I have nothing to wear them too so yeah.... 

I wish Forever New had better sales though... Elaineeeeeeeeee if you're reading thissssssss...... care to share some of your discount :DDDDDDDDD LOL i feel like such a leech. 

Anyway, I'm trying to find new dresses but i really dislike this colour blocking trend going on... at least for dresses. I can't find any (affordable) dresses here !!!! Well i can but i don't like them....... 

Anyway... I'm thinking of watching RENT at melb uni union house theatre next Saturday... Does anyone else want to come? Because it's just me and James at the momenttttttt

I've also figured out why I have been so tired and lethargic lately! It's because i wasn't exercising and eating too much instead (i had jap buffet for Father's Day yayyy)... so today i walked for an hour with the dogs and feel so much better. 

Sunday, September 04, 2011

look at the pea stars

Please remember to moisterise your neck and upper chest just like your face. Imagine all the effort middle age women go through to maintain a youthful appearance but to only end up with a turkey neck that reveals your true age. 

Especially if it has sun spots on it too. Yuck. gobble gobble

I went to see a musical at Union House Theatre at uni last night with Farn and James :) It was called Peter Pan and Wendy and it really reminded me of house concerts... because it was solely run and orchestrated by one of the colleges and although it wasn't the best production i've seen it was still pretty entertaining and fun! I especially liked Smead and Captain Hook. I think I'll start going to more plays soon!

And then we met up with Jacky and ate at Shoya... which is where Hungy works !!!!

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