Thursday, June 30, 2011


Don't worry i won't delete my blog :)

But i do feel fat after eating double choc tim tams and cinnamon doughnuts. sigh

Discovered a new park today i can't believe i walked for 1hour+ in the freezing cold in just a tshirt arghhhhhh 

Thanks to Pinga for organizing karaoke yesterday it was lots and lots of fun :) And went out for dinner with lots of people at glenny the night before too. 

Tomorrow is a busy day..... I also bought an Aveeno moisteriser today... let's see how it fares for winter conditions. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

a grain

I feel like deleting my blog. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

moho drink

Haven't really done much apart from shop and helping mum out but now I'm really dead from clubbing and walking in high heels all of last night. Everyoneeeeeee (LOL at spanky) was there which was really good but I think i prefer Neverland to Seven. I also don't want to eat Maccas for the next six months after eating it at 4:30am for dinner and then 9am for breakfast. But their chicken nuggets are so irresistible :( 

Anyway, these are some Dotti clothes i like but am not sure whether to buy :) I have bought two pairs of heels from Betts in the past few days - one for my sister's birthday present and the other as a comfier alternative to party in. 

Okay, I need to catch up on 24+ hours of no sleep. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, June 23, 2011

creamy olive

So exams are over and I've been over indulging in dips.... particularly this Mediterranean Kalamata Olive Dip lately. oh my god it is so good so you only need a little bit at a time because the olives are really powerful yet there is this creamy aftertaste which counteracts the sharpness of the olives. 

Katherine, I really think you should try this dip if you haven't already because if anyone will eat the strange things that i like then it will be you :) Except olives aren't strange things at all!! Perhaps a more acquired taste but definitely not strange :) 

Anyway, I watched the movie Super8 today and i highly recommend it. Humorous yet chilling at times, this movie is led by a very talented young cast and you can definitely see the Steven Spielberg behind the effects. I'm also really glad they ended the movie on a positive note or i would have shat myself on the drive home (at night). 

I also got an email confirming my place as an Open Day Guide for Melb Uni :) This is a good start to the holidays. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

poached woached

As promised, here are the Poached Pears in Red Wine with Sabayon. 

Damn, I was going to write up the recipe but I can't remember how to make the two most important bits - the sauce for the pears to stew in and the sabayon.

I'm also braindead after my exam today and my hand hurts. In fact, why am i even on the computer on my "break". If anything, my eyes and brain are probably hurting from the screen light and information.

But don't worry, i remember some bits..........

like 1. Peel four pears, leaving the stems on. LOL

...and then i forget how to make the sauce LOL. But it does include orange peels, red wine, sugar, star anise, rose water, something something.... @.@ where is the recipe damnit

ceebs asking Laura too.

But you basically poach the four pears in the said ingredients over the stove for ten minutes. Then place the dish in a baking tray and cover it with aluminium foil.

Poach for 50minutes - 1 hour and your pears should have a lovely red tinge to them along with the most incredible aroma (due to the rosewater) !!!!

To make the sabayon, you whisk 3 egg yolks and caster sugar and then cook it over a bain marie (water bath). I would have liked it thicker but i guess we just wanted to eat it straight away....

I can't wait to go shopping after exams :) So many things to buy yayyyyyyyyyy

Listening to the "Next to Normal" soundtrack is quite soothing actually. It blocks out Laura's high pitched violin next door omg why did she pick something so high pitched....

okay time to go :) byeeee


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

floaty helices & beta strands

yay biochem is over :D 

I sat down at my table and nearly shat myself during reading time because i had to go through six booklets with 31 pages altogether. I SWEAR THE PRACTICE PAPERS DIDN'T FEEL AS LONG. But the exam itself was pretty good i'm glad the cramming paid off but there were some small things i didn't know or remember like er i completely blanked out upon seeing "alpha - chymotrypsin enzyme" errrr sorry don't remember which class of enzyme that is in and some other small stuff like oh dear the difference in structures between glycerophospholipid, phospherolipid and glycolipid etc and wth does NAD look like i forgot so hopefully all the small mistakes didn't accumulate into something too big....... 

My head hurt so much last night that even my dreams didn't ease the pain because i dreamed that i had to learn all this other biochem stuff and i was panicking in my dream too... 

Anyway i was wondering, you know how people use heat sensors, UV radiation or fluorescence recovery to test the movement or presence of something well ... i was thinking about all the knowledge (crammed) into people's heads prior to the exam. Like if you could look down onto the masses of students entering the building or sitting at their desks and somehow "see" the wisps of knowledge floating around their heads or leaving them as soon as it's written down on paper? And then when people exit the hall the "aura" of knowledge has softened or been replaced by more...emotional auras like relief or frustration. 

okay i really need to sleep. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

just a memory

okay okay... just one more biochem lecture to go through THIS IS CRAP I HATE BIOCHEMISTRY. sigh 9am exam too.... 

Can't get this song out of my head though... what a pre 90's whatever decade it was feel haha

Sunday, June 12, 2011

moop moo


I hate biochemistry. 

Nutmeg Omelette with Mushrooms, Tuna, Spinach & Zucchini 

On the other hand, these grapes are huge. I am so over studying. 


Thursday, June 09, 2011

all kinds of explosion

oh my god my brain is overloaded with so much information.... 

but at least the guilt and motivation to do well (enough) has warded off any chance of shopping. I had at least two chances this week (including a $10 gift voucher that expired today) to go shopping but I actually didn't want to go despite looking forward to some retail therapy after my exam on Monday. Even Zara's opening next Wednesday right after my biochem exam will not deter me because my studying schedule is packed and i need to start waking up earlier than 10:30am-11am because after showering, walking the dogs for 30min-1hour, eating breakfast, feeding them breakfast i still want to sit down and watch my beloved The Circle/ Murder, She Wrote. Oh, and the daily checking stuff blahhhh.. yeah i should sleep earlier than 2am too.   

my Odo Hirsch book came in the mail today :D I LOVE ODO HIRSCH AND HAZEL GREEN but this book is called Darius Bell and the Glitter Pool and the cover is so pretty i am so excited to read all my new books after i finish learning everything else first.............. 

oh and Laura and i have been cooking so much everyday. the other day we made Poached Pears in Red Wine with Sabayon, Bruschetta (laura), Cinnamon Milk Jam and a Nutmeg Omelette with Mushrooms, Tuna, Zucchini and Parmesan. look forward to  pics next time? once my stupid net works again?

Monday, June 06, 2011

kookaburra :)

Guess who came to visit me yesterday! A kookaburra yayayayaya :D Actually we have a lot down the bottom of the court but this one came especially to say hello right after dad scrubbed and polished my balcony. rofl 

LOL hello... gah sorry for the bad quality photos i was in such a rush to take a picture before it flew away but yeah HOW FLUFFY AND CUTE IS IT ??? Is it a baby kookaburra? 

And then it flew away before i got to video call with it to Farn.... LOL But it's okay i chased it down to the tree... but couldn't be bothered following it after that. 

Sunday, June 05, 2011

the concept of food


Once, two spoons in bed, 
Now tined forks
Across a granite table
And the knives they have hired. 

- Billy Collins, 2008

I've taken a break from studying/cramming and read an article called "Food, Glorious Food" in this Saturday's The Age "Good Weekend" magazine. It talks about our relationship with food with regards to consumerism, the art of food writing and human character, experience and emotion. In fact, I found all articles (even the ones by the writers i dislike were okay) rather enlightening. 

I'm also really glad that the Masterchef hosts made the contestants cook with only tinned/frozen foods in one challenge because not all of us can afford such a pretentious attitude to food despite how good it looks...... 

And i should get back to learning about energy partitioning in animals......... 


Friday, June 03, 2011

noobles of noodles

Just a sneak peek at my current Dotti wishlist.... :D 

I really like this shade of blue. I've also seen people wear the bow more loosely around their neck so both ways could work. 

I'm not too sure about the off-shoulder cut but the material and this Tawny Port colour really did catch my eye... I guess because i never wear this colour and it looks so warm? It also comes in Ginger Spice and Pecan. 

Yay! This one's on sale at the moment :) It also comes in Charcoal but I was mostly drawn by the Rosedust colour and the knitting pattern. What is it? It's like cable knit but not.... Maybe it's Basque. what on earth is Basque... LOL

Again, another one on sale in a similar colour. I don't think this is in store anymore though because I couldn't find any on the first day of the massive Dotti sale in the Melbourne Central store! Who knows but i really did want to see what it meant by "lace back" shirt. Maybe i'll try shoppo... 

What do you guys think? Okay, back to studying @.@


Stumbled across this today while procrastinating.

Did anyone else watch this when they were young (in the 1990's)???? I can think of so many good TV shows back then.... the cartoons these days don't even come close. I can't even watch normal playschool anymore... I loved Bananas in Pyjamas, Madeleine, Blinky Bill, Babar, Pinky & the Brain etc too....

oh and i hate barney the bear whatver show. rofl and that muppets show.... URGH 

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

peppermint note

What does it mean to be 20 or nearly 20 years of age?

At what age do we truly grow up?

What if "spoiled" people aren't really "spoiled" in their own (and their parents') eyes? What if the reason they haven't "grown up" and taken full responsibility for themselves yet is because they still perceive themselves as a kid. And even their parents haven't realised/don't want to realise that their child is growing up.

Silent reader or not, I would really like to know your thoughts on this. It's been bothering me as of late because I don't want to grow up anymore but I also do.

I keep thinking "Would they still say this/stop me from this once i turn 20? Once i turn 21? Surely not at 25?"

And despite being grateful for my parents' love and guidance, all i see is blur sometimes.

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