Saturday, January 29, 2011

it burns

Okay i said that i would teach you guys how to make White Radish Cake for chinese new year in this post but then this blog would become more and more like a cooking blog rather than a blog for....everything. So i've decided to blog normally today... 

People who go clubbing all the time must be insanely rich. Or have a really rich boyfriend/girlfriend (but you still  take turns paying for drinks right). Or only go to places that serve cheaper drinks.... Or... they use the money that people like me would otherwise use on shopping.. Hm i get it.. clubbing instead of shopping i see i see.. different hobbies. Or they rarely go and just splurge in the moment. HM 

But then again, you don't really need to drink (a lot) to have a good time do you? I went to Neverland yesterday with a few friends and crashed an apartment later. It was pretty good apart from suddenly getting a bloodnose on the dancefloor HAHA yes... too many good looking guys of course LOL nah just the insane body heat floating aroundddddd.. (I'm still craving a Whopper btw rofl... whopper cravings at 4am in a taxi)

sigh i swear i randomly inhaled 151 or Tequila instead of oxygen at times today. oh nooooo it's following me  around from last night/this morninggggggggg. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011


omggggggg don't you hate it when you write up something but then it doesn't save/fails to send and you have to write it again??????/ BECAUSE I AM IN THIS SITUATION NOW. goddamnit. 

here we go again...  

Alfafa, Tomato and Cucumber on Garlic Toast 

Interviewer: "What got you through the 3rd set?"
Li Na: "Prize money"

LOLOLLLLL omg... i don't know whether to laugh with or without shame for being asian LOL

Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Apples and Honey

So.. we have this 1m x 1m hole in our living room ceiling right now... and inside is a 10cm diameter circle that is open to the sky. The reason behind this is poor tiling on the balcony... poor carpentry skills basically. So when it rained the water didn't run off or whatever but instead traveled down and soiled the floorboards and ultimately the living room ceiling below it... and when the builders dug up the tiles in order to plaster the surface or whatever first (and THEN put the tiles on....) the commotion caused the ceiling below to suddenly collapse LOL. 

And then we got a free sky window.... hurray... LOL

But never fear... (like any of you are... unlike my mum who couldn't sleep that night in fear that the entire ceiling would collapse with it), the carpenters are coming tomorrow to fix both problems.... rofl 

Lemon & Poppyseed Cupcakes

Anyway, stay tuned for the next post which will focus on how to make some Chinese New Year delicacies such as White Radish Cake!!!! 


Monday, January 24, 2011

letting it out on fruit slice

crapppp the more i think about it the more bombs i tend to slice NOOOOO THIS IS FORESHADOWING HOW SHATTERED (more like...sliced) MY SOUL WILL BE IF I KEEP ON PINING AFTER SOMETHING I WANT. 

...even if the pair of denim shorts i want are only on sale for $30 or was it $35 but nooooooooo they were a size too large. I WILL GO SEARCH OTHER GLUE STORES. wait for me 'nude lucy' shorts !!!! er WHAT KIND OF BRAND NAME IS THAT LOL 

sooooo instead i will be the ninja who... slices through the fruits of... of... fellow customers and sales and find that PAIR OF SHORTS I WANT. wth does that even mean it sounds like i'm taking away their futility... fertility... FRUITILITY! 

hahaha i am so funny.... not


I just wish my ass could change size when i wanted it to so i could make use of every sale.... It could be like the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants but reversed.... 

...except my bum won't be traveling anywhere.

(i will get over this soon. . . . . . . . ) 


Friday, January 21, 2011

moroccan rose

Today's post is dedicated to another cooking adventure...

Thai Chicken Noodle Broth. 

yay! (...but looks so unasian... blame the vegetables lol)

We followed a recipe in some Women's Weekly Soups mini booklet but a very similar recipe can be found online here .  The only differences between these recipes and our version are that we substituted chicken lovely legs for breast fillets and one heaped teaspoon of chilli paste instead of red chillis. (And i just realised why our version looks slightly unasian... there are no asian vegetables and the chilli paste meant a clear broth was out of the question.... but we'll get back to that!) Oh, and shaved palm sugar was essential to help sweeten the soup but this is not stated in the online version!

Since our fridge lacked any kind of asian vegetable (Disgraceful yes... - but at least we had palm sugar okay??... Not every Asian has palm sugar in their pantry!!!!!! ... or do they LOL), we decided to throw in celery and mushroom instead of the desired bok choy. Oh, and if you're using dried vermicelli remember to soak it before adding to the pot. 

And now it is Cino's turn to shineeeeeeeeeee..... or perhaps sleep with his head sandwiched between two pillows for the camera. LOL 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

the joy of water

The magic of Brownies with White Chocolate Crumbs...

They specialise in making you fat. And what better way to console the guilt than by sharing them with everyone else? (in the hope that they expand with you)

before baking

HAHA no i'm not that cruel.... (debatable..)

Because i only helped Laura make them for HER friends. So who's to say what she's thinking???

(Then again, the swim team asked her to make a second and even bigger batch for them.....) 

I went op shopping today but it didn't work out. It never works out if i intend to go beforehand... 

Because op shopping is all about luck. 

Today's mistake was looking for a particular shorts design in my head.... which i hadn't been able to find elsewhere apart from in my brain

(I think it's a sign to self design them....well duh SIGH)

I really need to upload the photos from Darwin soon.... 

Howeverrrrrrrrrr..... to make up for my opshopping failure I FOUND THE BOOK I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR FOR ONLY $8 from Dymocks!!!!!!!! 

It's even cheaper than BookDepository's lowest offer (mindblowing) AND it's got one of the three nicest covers.

Even though i did want this this cover.... but hurray! I will read this after i finish Pride and Prejudice... can't tell here... but Espresso really hates the camera. LOL  


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Edit: Gmail decided to finally give me the photos Fiona gave me so scroll down for new photos :)

most of the first batch resting

I'm a day behind in my posting so i'll start with Sunday night... After yumcha and Zumba, I decided to make Cinnamon Butter Drop Cookies with Cinnamon Sugar for Farn on his road trip with the help of Laura. 

cinnamon butter drop cookies
Guess what! What?

I HAVE TWO FROG SPECIES IN MY BACKYARD YAYYYYYYY :D (Eastern Banjo Frog & Southern Brown Tree Frog)
You can find out which frogs live in your suburb and listen to what they sound like at Frog Census

 Today i went out for lunch with Katherine and Fiona in the city :) Bumped into a lot of other people i hadn't seen in a while tooooooooo. We ate at Gigi Sushi and took a lot of photos throughout the day. 

We tried to take a macro shot.... should've changed the mode first but i guess it worked out okay enough. 

Which colour chopsticks would you have picked? I wish they had the colour blue...  

 I think this picture describes our situation perfectly... We bought hubba bubba bubblegum for the sole purpose of teaching Fiona how to blow bubbles :D and yayyyy it worked out!

After that we spent at least ten pictures trying to bring Katherine up to our level....LOL 

And the rest is on fb... 

YAYYYY i have the other pics now but everyone go read Fiona's fashion blog too for a second account of the outing! And Katherine, we're counting on you to blog with the picture of the "bubblegum udder" as well rofl

 visited Royal Arcade and Block Arcade in the search for food... 

 Thankyou for a really fun day guys :) We should go out more like this! (with a camera for blogging purposes/memories)
(Brownies time! And omgggg i want this hewitt nalbandian game to finish so that Tsonga's can start !!!!!!)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

so now what?

I kept many treasure boxes as a kid. 

In tofu takeaway containers (lol...), jewellery boxes, tins, music boxes... you name it. Even though their hiding places aren't as exciting as the one in the French movie "Amelie", I know that there's a story behind every treasured possession. 

I chose this "treasure box" because it's the simplest one. The pink box encrusted with sequins was probably the best present I have ever received from someone's party (in grade two). I associate this box with that day very clearly because I had to leave early for Northshore and came into the classroom kicking and crying. It also didn't help that i entered this way every week because i was incredibly shy then and everyone else was at least a year older and therefore scary to me. 

The last story i have decided to tell is the blue cylinder Yowi's or whatever used to come in... The plastic hair clips inside represent the first time i stole something from a shop. I remember quickly digging my hand into a bowl of clips and then clenching them in my pocket. As a six year old, I was overjoyed that no one had seen me. The second and last time i stole something was from the toy cupboard in afterschool care because i wanted my sister to have more Barbie clothes to dress her dolls with.

Edit: I also took finished toilet paper rolls from people's houses to use for French knitting. man what else am i going to remember now....  

And now i think it's time we returned to 2011. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

my ear hurts

really bad photography... sorry

My dad won this T2 selection and teapot in a raffle competition at work!!! Wow this is a really good prize i have to say. 

Oh, and i have frogs in my garden now YAY i can hear them croaking happily (i hope) and i found a tiny lizard in my living room too hmmmm.... so my dad told me to vacuum it but by the time i got the vacuum cleaner it disappeared which was good because i only reserve vacuuming for scary things like SPIDERS. 

I was driving home in the rain from work and there were giant puddles everywhere on the road. A man was standing on the sidewalk and one car went WOOOSH by him and he got wet. The next car also went WOOOOOOSHHH and he got soaked. And by the time i went wooooooosh.... LOL he was like ".............................." >< hehhe poor guy although i did brake for him unlike the others !!!!!

Okay, my eyes hurt. And i also learned that you can claim tax from petrol today. Sigh, i really don't know anything.  

Friday, January 14, 2011

not right

I wish i was a strawberry. 

Not really... So many things don't feel right. (Apart from this line of pimples, three to be exact, that are slowly forming on my face.... what did i ever do to themmmmmmm... apart from cleanse them out i guess AT LEAST I CLEANSED YOU OUT and didn't pop the majority of you !!!! I'LL SHOW YOU WHO SAYS WHERE TO POP UP. It's like they're mocking me by forming a line....)

Okay, screw it. Currently undergoing alexithymia (inability to express feelings with words).  

People can be so strange and yet wondrous sometimes.... What are we?

What are we here for? 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dancing juice...

Heyo :)

I think i'll go back to daily blogging so today's post is about....nothing basically. And recent purchases. The photos from Darwin can wait. 

$2 (looks like David Jones..) dress in opshop // another Dotti purchase for only $19.95 :) // Bardot dress on sale for colder days

I have noooo idea where or when i would wear that black and white dress but i bought it because it fit and was only $2 rofl..... It also has padded shoulders.... I HATE PADDED SHOULDERS. Thankfully i can still snip them off unlike the ones that are completely sewn in. 

I'm also doing the holiday program at work this week and have been out quite a bit. But i'm getting worried because i'm not as sociable lately.... probably means some alone time is needed for a bit first. 
Temt jacket

I'm so glad i have nothing else on today. I can just stay at home and eat, sleep, read, watch anime....... and cook? 


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