Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the past

I have killed two..or was it three.. harddrives and god knows what else. 

Thank god my dad is an IT programmer/engineer and thankyou Hungy for guiding me through other stuff today. Things are mostly fixed. Maybe. WHO KNOWS. I am so not good at this. I think i'm an expert at ignoring all the signs though. And getting pissed at my comp. 

I had work today. I also napped today. The weather was so good (i like coldish weather) but i woke up with a sore neck. 

Tomorrow is Sunday. I have nothing else to say. Except i need to take another dump xD  

Saturday, February 27, 2010

nearly there!

Sorry guys for not visiting this blog enough. I've been busy collecting freebies (even went over to Monash clayton for some) and joining clubs. So far i've joined AA (equivalent of Monash Asean), Photography, Foodie Interest and then Engineering because it was free. ha gotta love Student Union membership.

I still haven't walked to the Sports part of Melb Uni. I've been too busy searching for the shortest routes between (insert place eg - trams on Swanston Street) to lecture theatres. I am so lazy.

Timetable is screwing up again because of chinese. The interviewer decided to put me in 2E (post vce) when clearly i am more suitable for 2A (post elementary) but he kept saying "oh you'll just recall everything from primary school" YEAH RIGHT. So i have to change from 1A to 2E back to 2A with his permission. gah

I need to wake up at 6:45am for work at 8am tomorrow.

I finally got my Ipodtouch. Downloading apps is funnnnnn

Uni starts soon. I think i'll be too tired to be pumped. But i do have a meeting at 6pm after uni on monday xD And i get paid for attending that too whoooo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The more i think about it, the more unexcited about Uni i get. 

I hate my timetable. As if so many contact hours. 

Piss me off. 

These subjects better be worth it and fun. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i think i'm fallin' for youuuuu..

The first day of Orientation was good but it started off badly. 

I didn't charge my phone overnight so i heard no alarm this morning. Therefore, i woke up when Orientation began HAHA oh god. That was at 10am btw. Arrived at Melb uni 1.5 hours later after hurriedly feeding myself and the dogs and kept jumping between host groups. 

The tactic to making new friends is to seek out the ones just as lost and lonely as you are. So instead of listening to all the host leaders i ended up talking to many interesting people. Some were international, local or had just taken a gap year. Some are easier to talk to but eventually you find something that each of you have in common. And some seem facebook worthy now..aka won't feel as stalkerish if i add them now. 

I got a bagful of freebies but am expecting more tomorrow because that's when we get introduced to the clubs. 

It was so cold today and i had to keep on pulling down my skirt. Hmph

I want to go on an exchange in second semester 2nd year. Or sometime in 3rd year.  

Monday, February 22, 2010


Edit: So i moved one of the 8am ones to a more sane time. But Wednesday is still horrible with classes from 9am-5pm. And my timetable is still very scary.

Uni sounds so full on and Orientation hasn't even started. I am scared of my timetable. So i have 27 contact hours atm (hoping it goes down by 1) a week except it will probably be less when the 3 hour chem/bio/physics pracs alternate with each other. Lectures sound sleepy...

That didn't make any sense but whatever. 

Hmm.. i guess Melb uni takes Science seriously. I even have heaps more hours than the Biomed kids o.O whatttttt

Yay no more physics next semester so no more prac hours and i can take up bludge electives like Psych instead :)

Laura doesn't go well with plastic. First she accidentally left a ball point pen in the washing machine and her shirt came out with ink blots. Secondly, she didn't notice a plastic box on fire under the wok until..yeah. LOL rofl 

I'm hungry. Someone give me an apple pie. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This looks nice. 

Where is the cool change? 

A special shout out to Katherine Lee. I love you more than i am enjoying this book so far and remember to skype with me on March 6th 7pm ;) Good luck in Adelaide and thanks for inviting me to lunch yay 

I've decided to decline my job interview on Monday. I already have 2 jobs anyway. 

Lots of good food at today's party. And wasps too..... GAH 

It's hot. omg i'm melting 

Friday, February 19, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that you are in fact, bipolar. 

Nah, i'm just wishing there was a reasonable excuse for your behaviour but actually...

You're just a bitch. HAHA

And you don't even realise it.

An extremely hypocritical bitch. Oh my fkn god whyyyyy.  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i don't want to talk

I'm tired. Today was a pretty good day. I did a lot.

Watch this. It's from Romeo's point of view.

My face is disgusting. I got offered an job interview today. If i get this one then i'm expecting triple pay cheques per week :) Not sure if i still want a third job but hm.... if i don't get it then i'm cool about it. rofl or then i'll have no time to study LOL

...but then i can go out and eat a lot of nice food oh yayyyyyyy hm ==' 

I am exhausted...

My Valentine's present :) I painted the cookie jar and Laura helped bake the White Chocolate & Orange cookies yay 

:) Thanks Farn for the necklace and bracelet i went to the city and ate Korean and Jap food for lunch yummy. Now i want green tea icecream... Oh btw, is Trampoline icecream worth buying? Farn and i also watched Valentine's Day and the popcorn was unusually salty. Crown is really cold... 

But the park was warm/windy hurrah. I even got 4 sushi handrolls for $5 only yay! Had to buy groceries in Camberwell on the way to PLC for House Concerts. Atholl's was really really good :D

I am exhausted because i woke up at 5am for airport and am like the new mummy/housewife of the house =( My mum's gone to Canada until March and in the past two hours i gave ultrasound/massaged Laura's inflamed shoulder, boiled soup, washed dishes, fed the dogs and guinea pigs and cleaned the benches. poo

I need to shower and sleep.  

Monday, February 15, 2010

How do you Hide a Red Rose?

pretty right? :D 

Just camouflage it in with other flowers. Or my parents are going to be so suss haha. "Yeah...i randomly met an admirer the gym.............." Yes. That would so work. (er i have no random admirer btw LOL)

I don't have much to say except i cleaned the house and continued making my valentine's gift for Farn. <3

Roast chicken is yum. My sister hid my IpodTouch from me (for bday) and i keep forgetting to take the red pockets from under my pillow haha. Argh, this week is so busy. Why is every week so busy?

WHY IS ORIENTATION NEXT WEEK. ARGH. I need more holidays... 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

just like a perfect dream

Here's a tip if you're bored. Listen to any rock band/pop music and write out each separate part in your head. I'm thinking guitar, bass, drums and voice. Then rate the level of difficulty and imagine if your former band could do it. Keep on headbanging if you reckon you're good enough and ignore everyone's bewildered looks. 

That's what i did for an hour after work yesterday while waiting for dad. It was so cold outside....

Happy Chinese New Year :) 

I'm going to be deaf for the next two days. Firecrackers etc...

Friday, February 12, 2010

baby, i know what to do

Thanks James for showing me this.

Everybody watch Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief. It's good. Today was filled with GFM love, mi goreng and hot chips. YAY. and tomorrow is dumpling day and more work ha 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Red Diary

I went to a pilates class today and felt like sleeping halfway through it. So tired today for some reason. Except the mat smelled like feet (no wonder the pro people bring their own) and i didn't want to offend the instructor who was 1m infront of me. The usual instructor wasn't there today and this woman was really...muscly. Her ass also looks strange.

Okay my leg just twitched this is not good. 

I bought a new leather diary from Pepe's Paperie because i don't like the one Melb Uni gave us. I went to Kikki.k first but they're too expensive and some have useless pages in them and this other (also expensive store ==') had a 20% off discount on 2010 diaries so yippee! I got a red one for a change. 

I just watched 2 hours straight of tv. Oh my god my eyes my brain my everything I FEEL LIKE A BLOB. 

It took me so long to connect to the Optus Customer Service. For 10min i was talking to the answering machine and insulting it. But then i finally got transferred to a real person because it couldn't understand if i was saying "yes" or "no". BLEH 

And...i'm too lazy to describe what i did yesterday. But Poh's Kitchen is on ABC in exactly 34min! SO I WILL BE WATCHING THAT. byebyeeeeeee

Edit: omg i haven't eaten instant noodles in a very long time. this tastes sooooooooooo good :D 

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Looking Totally Different.

I think i need to use eye cream. SADDDDD MUCH :( 

Hm. Drove for 2 hours today and went to Essendon DFO cause dad had a $100 voucher for something. Ate this really nice pumpkin and mushroom risotto there yum. 

I'm bored and i'm tired. poo 

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Not your Typical Summer

A refreshing Watermelon & Plum Fruit Chiller.  

5 hours of sleep is not recommended. My keyboard suddenly died last night too. The weather was perfect today - so perfect i don't know whether to be appreciative or suspicious. Ha. Anyway look at this poem i found. 

Song for a Birth or a Death

Last night I saw the savage world
And heard the blood beat up the stair;
The fox’s bark, the owl’s shrewd pounce,
The crying creatures – all were there,
And men in bed with love and fear.

The slit moon only emphasised
How blood must flow and teeth must grip.
What does the calm light understand,
The light which draws the tide and ship
And drags the owl upon its prey
And human creatures lip to lip?

Last night I watched how pleasure must
Leap from disaster with its will:
The fox’s fear, the watch-dog’s lust
Know that all matings mean a kill:
And human creatures kissed in trust
Feel the blood throb to death until

The seed is struck, the pleasure’s done,
The birds are thronging in the air;
The moon gives way to widespread sun.
Yes but the pain still crouches where
The young fox and the child are trapped
And cries of love are cries of fear.

- Elizabeth Jennings
So what do you think? 


Friday, February 05, 2010

Designed to be Read.

"Today I Broke up with You - Younha"

I really like this song and the mv. Listen to/watch it.

 It seems that i associate everything i do with blogging. On the way home or on walks, i structure my post and word it carefully to prove my point. I try to be subtle and end it with a sting or an uneasy feeling. But then i arrive home and the anger or annoyance has subsided. 

So the "prepared" posts never appear. 

Instead, you get an excuse. 

I was going to address today's post as if to a judge. I was going to plead my case to my blog audience and argue against a certain "witness" today. I imagined the "witness" reading this and becoming outraged at the physical (and photographic) evidence opposing her visual perception. Today, i was trying to park in the city and came extremely close (5cm away) to a parked car. I did not hit it. 

However, a lady across the road thought otherwise. She accused me of denying any damage and took my registration number to the police. You're not even the owner of the other car o.O And then left before i could finish proving that hitting a car should leave scratches on both vehicles. 

Well where the hell is the scratch on our car?? My dad and i spent 10 minutes inspecting and reenacting the event. We concluded that the side mirror couldn't have physically touched the lower part of the car the witness assumed had been hit. And why does this car have bird shit all over it anyway? 

I'm not angry btw. I'm just thankful this happened earlier and that i really should say what's on my mind at the time. Like "...Care to cover that bulging stomach of yours??" and "Why is your teeth so yellow"??

Oh...And "How dare you just leave in the middle of my argument ?! FAT PERSON.  "

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Normal again :)

Exactly. Do what Elmo says :)

Guess what vivicecream did today? I stayed home and cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. It looks exceptional in some parts but not overall because my house is too big to tidy by myself in one day. Tomorrow before work i plan to organise my own bathroom and tidy up my upstairs desk. The guinea pig cage is nice and clean now though yay 

Drove to Melb uni and back again. But in the rain :) Loving this cool change. 

Just ate a cookies and cream lindt ball. Two in fact. I really like the colour of the wrapping - light blue. 

My arms get sticky all the time now.

Highlight of the day: Jacky randomly ringing me up and singing (more like belting it out) to me as promised. Aw YAY :)  

Thanks Tom for the apple scroll yesterday. Yay!  (i swear i've said "yay" in every paragraph..)

You're not worth it.

Fucking hell. Just shut the fk up.

You make me so angry i just want to kill you.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

House Concerts 2010

Edit: emo playlists take forever to make.

I know you want to come. They are on the 17th and 18th of February 7:30pm (?) and although my sister can't get more than 3 tickets, i think you ex PLCers or anyone else interested should pop in and get yourself some tickets too. Tickets are free so it's probably first in first served and none "sold/handed out" on the night lol. Apparently Leven has literally run out of cellists and i'm meant to teach my sister the cello part as well. 

So the reason i'm advertising this is because my sister got a sub main role. 4th main role she says. (Leven -18th february). Ideally i'd like to attend both nights but we'll see... rofl. 

 grass :D

Okay, advertising over and back to showing off my everyday life to you people :P rofl i really have no life do i sigh...

The other day we just bummed in the city. I bought the physics book and it has a frog on the front cover too :) Played pool and just yeah... sat in game room. But today i had some me, myself and i time :) Haha so i saved like $70 from sales today. Bought two casual dresses, a top, bodyshop moisteriser and a present for my mum. Omfg why is this shop so expensive???? But i bought her this eye cream called "Eye Bright" as a sorry-and-i-really-do-appreciate-everything-you-do-for-me-so-let's-stop-arguing present. Yay she likes it 


Monday, February 01, 2010


Why do people have children? 

Right now, i don't want one. I don't want to deal with anymore successes or failures. I don't need an extra person to argue with. I don't want to compare. How can i be sure that unconditional love exists? 

 Or are some things just done out of convenience. 

yay i'm uncapped

What happens if an astronaut gets lost in space? Or if they get separated from everyone else? I'm trying to imagine all that nothingness.... what if you got sucked into a black hole?? Okay, i don't even know what happens out there but how scary would it be if you were alone...

Yes, i'm watching Star Wars again. 

I like walking around the Melbourne Uni campus. Especially on a Sunday afternoon when no one except tourists are there. I like the bookshop. 

Today my sister made two batches of muffins while i was out driving along Heidelburg Road. Apple and pear and Spinach and pine nut muffins. Yum. 

I want a droid. An astro droid :)

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