Sunday, January 31, 2010

guess what

- I've never watched Love Actually. 
- I've been half deaf the whole day because my ear wax decided to clog up. I have no curette or whatever to clean it out. This is stupid. 
- During work, i had a kid that kept crying for her mummy. And another kid who wouldn't stop picking his nose when i was trying to teach him freestyle. I think his mum saw me give him "wtf" looks but i don't care. I just got $60+ richer.  
- I got new glasses. They are black and rectangular. 
- Espresso likes eating shortbread. 
- I just finished watching a movie with giant anacondas eating people alive. That was a good movie. 
- My deaf ear is pissing me off. 

What do people take to uni? 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

there is no more time.

I press "esc" so many times that i wonder why.
It's not that i dislike talking to you. I think it's the exact opposite.

I do not like being capped.

But i like to roll on grass.

Some people are more new than others. You smell.

Push push push you away. Silently push. But i don't mean it.

I want to squish this fly.

I think i might sleep now. Have a nice day tomorrow. Please keep me open to the world.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sorry i haven't been updating. Bit busy lately.

Major events:
- went to South Melbourne beach and had bbq for lunch. only saw 1 jellyfish!
- Justin's party =D aussie style
- laura and i made ribena yoghurt cheesecake. Farn and Edi like it :)
- i drove for 1.5 hours the other night.
- met up with ppl at shoppo yesterday
- i have to wake up for 9am course info tomorrow in melb uni gahhhh
- my toe hurts
- varnished my balcony
- watching tennis
- i feel so exposed in a bikini
- sorry can't think right now
- finally enrolled and chose subs for 1st year (genetics, cells, chem 1 & 2, physics 1 & 2 beginner, chinese beginner YAY HAHA)
- drank Jacky's Mango Daiquiri (woah the coconut rum is STRONG)

I need sleep. Desperately. Hope your holidays are going as well as mine :) Except that i'm grounded for the rest of the week.... so have to help out at mum's work and start going to my own work too rofl.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Puffing Billy

Michelle's 18th :)

Guess what. I was in such a rush i forgot to bring the present. So...i'll drop it off at her house LOL. I haven't been on Puffing Billy since i was 7 but this time i got to sit on the ledge - shoeless - and show off my foot tan to the trees and surrounding admirers (belle & kristen of course ha)

Lakeside has too many hills. Where is the flat grass with no weird insects flying around?? But lying on a hill is convenient for sunbaking i guess. Perfect weather for a picnic :)

Note Ying's shock, Kristen's glare, someone's yawn and Tamara's evil grin.

I had three contestants auditioning to be Viv's Next Top Model on my blog. (yes we made this up today..i'm so modest aren't i) We were going to have challenges but i think that today's winner is Kristen - whose relaxed and most natural attraction to the camera narrowly overcame Wensi's spunk and Yi-Ling's unique taste in clothing.

This is Kristen's winning photograph and there will be no eliminations until further notice. (LOL..)

I quite like this photo. Can you sense the VIVSI love in the air?

Okay. The rest of the photos will be on facebook. I cannot be bothered anymore. My toe is also hurting.


fat days

Sorry i couldn't go to your lan Hungy. My dad raged and yeah...

Helped at mum's work till 2pm. Bought sushi. Ate 2 rolls and wanted to eat the other 4 rolls. Restrained self from eating. Turned back to Academic Advice Day booklet. Had eye appointment. Bought new glasses and ordered more contact lens. Peed. Bought Michelle's present.

(pause - trying to remember what happened next.)

Went home and made wonton. Spent time with family instead of going out every single day of the week. Mum told me i am not allowed to go to the beach. I NO UNDERSTAND. Ate wonton noodles. Drove for 1.5 hours (bh, monash uni, pines). Did a crazy but very accurate turn accidentally xD Laura thought she was going to die but i blame it on my foot. Bad foot.

I am going to Puffing Billy tomorrow for a picnic party :)

I need to sleep. I hate fat days. It is like i am fat for no reason.

This is unfair.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Beverage: ice lemon tea

Yesterday i went to the Australian Open with Fiona, Katherine and Steve. We bumped into Farn, Tom etc on the way too :) And yes we sat at the top and were asian with our umbrellas. I suddenly got darker and now have an interesting foot tan. I wore flats so a tan line formed across my toes rofl (as in only my toes remained pale)

hehe yay fiona viv

katherine & steve having some private umbrella time xD

steve viv

WHAT A SHOT / YES! THAT'S FAST! (i think..)

stalking xD

It's weird, i blog only about my life. It's like i have nothing else interesting to say - nothing made up from my brain. So ... i've deferred 4 interstate offers and accepted Melb Uni Science. I'm bored.

Today i went to the gym and then bussed to Chadstone. Bumped into tom loo but it's probably my awesome unintentional stalking :) Farn had free tickets so we saw Up in the was alright. Then ate korean for dinner in BH.

Ice lemon tea is so refreshing after a long walk. There are too many hills where i live.

The next few days are way too busy. Gah. And i start work again next friday woot (edi, come sit in my class please yay)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Laura's recipe: Apple & Cinnamon Pasta

Pumpkin & raisin cookies

Yoghurt & Soy Milk Porridge and Mango

Berry muffin with Mango

That's what we cooked the past 2 days. I did nothing but housework, watch tennis, be entertained by Jacky, Tom and Farn on skype and sit outside today. I am bored. I went to Korean BBQ Dinner with plc group yesterday. it was goooooooooooooood thanks gwen :) 

Tomorrow i go Aus Open. It should be a good day with good company :) 


Monday, January 18, 2010

sweeeet :D

I am a happy person right now.

So, basically i got into what i wanted (Melb Uni Science - who else is going to melb uni?????) and am extremely relieved or all my researching and absolute certainty of getting in would have gone to waste. The clearly in Enter also jumped by ~5 marks apparently rofl. I've researched Bachelor of Science so much that i've basically planned out the next possible 6 years of my life woohoo :D

Here it goes: get into Melb Science > choose Life Sciences category > pick up physics too (someone please tutor me) > excel in 1st & 2nd year > do major in Animal Health & Disease > > pass GAMSAT > receive guaranteed offer into Vet Biomedicine > become Doctor of Veterinary Medicine :)

 I tried to walk the dogs today but it kept raining 5min after arghhhh. Made my hair this wet mop... rofl. But then i checked my mailbox and found a letter offering a Law double degree place interstate LOL i don't remember applying but okay :D If i didn't get Melb Science i would've probably accepted this.


Yesterday was also a good day. Laura, David and i went to see the Haiti Tennis Fundraiser thing and bumped into Dot, Mandy and Struong too. Yes, i was going to describe this scene like a movie (i grabbed dot's arm > dot thought WTH > viv went :D :D hugggg) but i'm too lazy sorry dot.. xD In other words, we were very happy to see each other again yay

 Hewitt & Federer

The tennis was good and entertaining - David got us good seats and i took around 100 photos. The players (Federer, Roddick, Hewitt, Djokovic, Nadal, Kim, Serena, Samantha) had their own headsets and exaggerated the grunting you usually hear haha. Walked to Flinders after and then trained back to Box Hill.

I'm wearing contacts and am not used to being on the computer with them. Usually i wear glasses around this time....

I hope you guys are happy with your offer too. We're officially set for uni now :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

"be the flame - not the moth"

So i had an enjoyable catch up session with Katherine today at her house :) She picked me up from the station yay and gave me a jam donut to eat hehe. Slarkin wasn't home so we hopped on a tram that smelt like farts great... I wore her hat to Safeway and she asked me if my secret (scroll down) was if i was pregnant .. man wtf? LOL no i actually just finished my monthly thing for your information hahaha.

We made seafood risotto and should've probably cooked it 5min longer for extra smoothness (lol.."massage the creamy starch out of the rice") and chucked in some octopus and scallops rofl... we sure massaged that thing well but not long enough it made interesting sounds i bet it enjoyed it LOL

Hmm... so i poked at anything interesting in her house and updated myself with her Itunes music. Slarkin came over later and we watched Casanova. poo what a player ha. I am suspicious..Katherine wouldn't let me look at her servers without her checking them first LOL hmmm

I stuffed myself at Sofias. I can't even move.

P.S - Katherine, you got a whole post to yourself. Ha. (she kept coughing today. Extremely excited to see me obviously.)

cos i feel this ship is sinking..

 Today i watched It's Complicated with Farn at Crown and ate KFC.. yumm wicked wings. Then we trammed to Queen Victoria Gardens? King's garden or something?? It got cold after a while.. Saw a few people along the way.

I'm excited. I'm going to Katherine's house tomorrow :)

Even though i've only handed out/applied online ... 3 resumes lol i'm starting to feel quite confident. (I am so cocky aren't i lol) Don't worry, i haven't finished applying yet. If I still don't have a job by February, i still got my first one - swimming teaching at plc - to fall back on :)

 I am connected to you. We are connected to the world.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

little black box

 Don't stop, make it pop
Dj blow the speakers up 
Tonight, imma fight till we see the sunlight
Tik Tok on the clock  

The blue shirt i wore today smelt like mothballs when i took it out of the wardrobe...had to flap it around a bit to smell normal again lol..

I'm talking about, everybody getting crunk crunk
Boys trying to touch my junk junk 

 I went to Camberwell today for lunch with a few people at Georges. Then we went to eat gelati at Sofias and walked around. I bumped into Clare, Hungy, Elaine etc in Box Hill earlier too... Sigh.. i only took $60 with me today so when i went back to Pines i was still $19 under a $39 dress i wanted to buy. GAH i have to refill my wallet and get a holiday job.

Ha, looks like i'll be going out everyday of this week. Somebody please hire me =( I tried to make my resume as outstanding as possible! I don't have a job until term 1 starts.

Shawty's like a melody in my head
That i can't keep out
Got me singing like 

 ...My hair smells sooooo good right now nomnomnom :D

P.S - Dot thinks i am very entertaining. ha (not sure what i'm trying to prove lol...)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

late night thoughts

If you only have two good friends, and one of them is your boyfriend, then i almost feel sorry for you. What are you going to do if one of them dies/leaves you?There are people who need to open up and those who need to slow down. And if you can't get along with many types of people? I don't know.

Number one is meant to be family but right now it feels like friends. I feel bad, but i will come to my senses soon. What have i been eating/drinking/reading/discussing? Some people need to concrete their existing friendships. Or decide who they really care about. You don't take these relationships for granted. Blobs have feelings too.

The involuntary twitch felt before falling asleep is called Hypnic Jerk.  I haven't experienced this in a while.

Sometimes... if i want someone to talk to me on msn, i keep exiting their conversation after i reply. Then it is almost certain that they will reply when it's really just want disguised as rejection.

I am up late because everyone else is up late. Today i taught Laura maths in Gloria Jeans. I also pissed off the bus driver by refusing to buy a new ticket even though mine expired 3 minutes before i registered it. Whatever.

I have a secret i want to tell but can't at the moment. I feel bad.

Today Tom shouted me a really pretty drink. The bottle is blue with a gold tree at the bottom and the milk tea tastes...interesting.

So like..where are we going?  It's exciting, but is there more to this?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cool breeze

Life isn't too eventful. I've gone to the gym, bought a bikini, eaten too much sushi, hung out in Borders and typed up my resume. Haha, made Farn come to Shoppo to see me because Box Hill is too boring :) Today i met up with Tom in Box Hill to hand out his resumes and i keep on getting bloodnoses. I had 4 yesterday and 2 already today. Couldn't go to beach today because of work.

AHHHHHHH DISGUSTING HUGE SPIDER OUTSIDE BEDROOM. The spider's going to make me cry before the onion does.

Going to Camberwell tomorrow for a lunch. I've been browsing cars as well.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Do you agree?

Just got back home from Sav and Em's joint bday party :D Thankyou to everyone who went - it was really good catching up with all of you and eating so much at the same time woohoo! And to make things even better, it appears that 85% of you are intending to go to Melbourne Uni so YAYAYAY i am happy! Since our group is so big, it's been pretty hard catching up with everyone at once but i think today was a success hehe :D I hope we continue to meet up like this for more birthdays/reunions/WEDDINGS in the future yay!

Anyway. I've started compiling my own 18th party list. I was only inviting really good friends and suddenly ended up with 60 people. And then i cut it to 50 and realised 2/3 of it are from PLC so i definitely can't get rid of them. And now i don't know what to do because i love all of you so much and i talk to all of you a lot so what do i do =(

Maybe i just shouldn't have a party. I don't feel like a house party.

It's okay. I have nearly two months to decide before uni starts (My bday is during uni and it'd be nice to have a party late feb...) I'm really tired right now.

P.S - Did you know that heaps of you are turning 19 this year?! HAHA OLDDDDDD

Friday, January 08, 2010


Woke up the time badminton started so got there 30min late. We took the bus to Chadstone and watched the princess and froggy movie :) It was alright, rather cute..lots of jazz.. and Edi fell asleep what an insult to frogs hmph hhaha. Then some people went bowling while others played arcade and now Jacky has to finish that sweet sweet sweet cake hahaha just take off the honey glaze and it's fine rofl.

Woke up 30min before Avatar 3D started (10am) but got there on time. It was really good and really long. Then i accidentally poked Steve's brother and realised it wasn't Steve because he wasn't as tank. oops haha So yes.. met up with him.. and then saw vincent leung later.. so the three of us (sav, jen and i) shopped till 5pm and sav bought the most.

I bought new flats and a dress though :)

Then went out for dinner in the city and now i'm here hating this warm weather.

working at mum's and bday dinner yay

Thursday, January 07, 2010

the cooking resumes.

Today, Laura and i met up with Farn at Westfield. After shopping around, we returned to my place to attempt Gordan Ramsay's chocolate souffles. Doesn't it look like the middle one is being licked by the two on its left and right and the mini one is cowering? I think the far right one looks nonchalant but is actually laughing inside.

Yes, i know you use baking paper to create a perfectly straight souffle but that's boring. And we weren't very careful to keep the rims clean either. We need some souffle drama here.


Er, looks a bit wonky but i present to you a Chocolate Souffle with Vanilla and Mango Icecream and chocolate shavings. Nice with icecream and i don't even know what souffles are meant to taste like.

So...i'm baking a cake for Jacky atm...because he did me a huge favour. And it's being really stubborn and something's going wrong but i'm pretty sure it will fix itself by the end. Laura can do the honey glaze i am too tired.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

ib has ended

So i got my score and wasn't over the moon but wasn't too bad either. I like chem and bio so i better get into either Biomed or Science at Melb Uni. It's cool, if i do Science i can become either a doctor or a vet haha. I never considered animal science before but it might be interesting... seeing as i've had chickens, guinea pigs, dogs, hermit crabs and a rabbit before/now....

Today i went driving and then mum pushed me to the gym. Then i watched Sherlock Holmes with Laura and shoppo and although it started off a bit slow, it's a good movie. I like the soundtrack too! Hmm.. then i went on this massive walk with dad, laura and the dogs to some footy field and yeah... eating pavlova and icecream  now.

I'm tired.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


My sister is making home made vanilla and mango icecream for me to indulge in after tomorrow's results. I'm going to get so fat from depression. You don't see anyone hysterically happy sitting around eating a tub of icecream do you?

I keep on calculating the best, most realistic and worst results i could get. Until an hour ago, i was living in blissful ignorance. And now somebody has lodged a stone into my heart so a sinking feeling always stays. Except that it keeps hovering due to the added tension.

I realised that i will be happier going to Melbourne than Monash uni.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Ocean Terminal, Hong Kong

I would like to take photography classes but what do you need for them? Do they even exist or are they the "negatives & dark room" kind? (Not that i mind..i just don't have the supplies) I didn't take up photography as an elective in school and hmm..I have a "pro" Nikon in the cupboard but i don't even know how to use it so i use my normal Lexus camera. ...Although i do favour Canon and Nikon the most.

Photography would be a nice hobby, along with book collecting. (I'm still expanding my mini library yay) I think i have a pretty good eye for making something appealing, but i want to learn how to produce professional results with any camera, good or bad.

 Lake leading to Penns Cave, Buffalo  (USA)

 Today we were walking the dogs and my sister was too busy texting to notice she had stepped in a pile of dog shit. xDDDD bahahah... Reminds me of when Ying and I both stepped in a pile of cow poo in Year 4 haha. I was wearing hello kitty runners too.

And then we took the bus to aquarena (she swam, i went to gym) and then i went to officeworks to develop photos of Year 12 whilst laura hung out with her cgs friend. (haha)

 I forgot what this is but it was extremely delectable. (Hong Kong)

I rearranged my whole wardrobe today. Seems fitting since it's the start of a new year and i have nothing better to do. Did you notice yesterday's strange weather? The sky was yellow and everything green suddenly became more vibrant. And then the thunderstorm made everything even more weird but spectacular. Maybe Melbourne is the guinea pig of climate change. We get to experience many weird/extraordinary/life threatening seasonal changes before the rest of the world (haha maybe not..)

When you and I collide
I fall into an ocean of you
Pull me out in time
Don't let me drown
Let me down
I say its all because of you"

Sway - Bic Runga (Thanks James. Listen to it.)

Now i will watch Juno but pretend to read everytime mum walks in. Sorry about the long post.

Friday, January 01, 2010

4th blogging anniversary

Omg i missed the anniversary because i was sleeping comfortably on the plane (had a whole row to myself and 3 pillows) from Singapore to Melbourne. Yep, i'm back from my 3 week holiday to Canada, Hong Kong and USA but now i miss the cold weather. It's strangely humid here and i need a shower.

But moving on. I decided to make my blog's anniversary start from the very first post which was 31 December 2005. Even though my profile says i've been a member since July 2005.

So Happy 4 Years blog :)

For some reason, it's taking ages to upload pics here and where did the "upload video" button go ???? So i'm going to upload all the videos we took onto facebook and then a selective album of the like...1000 pictures we took? LOL

And Happy New Year to 2010 as well :)

In Canada i went snowboarding. It's harder to learn than skiing but easier to master and a lot more fun than skiing :) In America i went sight seeing and shopping. In Hong Kong i had yum cha everyday and went shopping as well. But my dad wouldn't let me go to "lui yun gai" because of some acid attacks he thought would reoccur. So i the other places i usually visit. I also had green poo one day but then it went away the next day yippee

I think my resolution this year is to be happy. I should really say that a week after i get my IB results, shouldn't i? I'm starting to have dreams of doing all the revision i never did. 4th of January, please be nice to me.

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